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Face your fears: self-management in challenging times

Imagination and focus

Especially in challenging times, it is crucial not to get overwhelmed by gloom and doom-talk, but to keep being realistic and open-minded. Limit your exposure to the ever-the-same cascade of apocalyptic news, and sharpen your analytic thinking skills. But don't lose your compassion!

Balanced decision-making instead of a fear-driven activity

Having good reasons for important decisions is crucial, as especially in times of crisis prior choices further down the road will inevitably limit our options! Choose wisely, ask for feedback and know your drivers and needs.

Agere contra

Don't lament road-blocks, such as e.g., currently fake news-spreaders, address these challenges. If you do you, practice what and how you want to ay it. Focus on what you specifically need and you will experience a new kind of resourcefulness.


Doing the right things and keeping track of it, is essential. Your progress might be slow at the beginning. But keeping track of it helps strengthen your determination.


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