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How is the ethical culture of your team(s)?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

  • Do you trust different teams in your organization differently?

  • How do you measure the level of integrity that is reflected in a team's outcomes, i.e. the way they treat company belongings or excel in customer-focused mindset?

Results of recent studies show that there are indeed significant differences between the ethical cultures of teams!

These differences are relevant given the different empirical relationships that can be established between high and low clusters of team ethical culture and two outcome variables:

  • the frequency of unethical behavior,

  • and employee responses to unethical behavior.

"Ethical" culture consists of eight dimensions that provide you with a reliable as well as practically useful set of questionaire items related to these key dimensions:

  • Clarity (of rules and regulations)

  • Congruency of supervisors

  • Congruency of management

  • Feasibility of "good" behavior

  • Supportability

  • Transparency

  • Discussability of "right" or "wrong",

  • and Sanctionability, if ethical breaches have occurred

Want to know how to measure the ethical culture of your organization?

Get in touch!


Cabana, G.C. & Kaptein, M. (2019). Team Ethical Cultures Within an Organization: A Differentiation Perspective on Their Existence and Relevance. Journal of Business Ethics.

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