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Leadership practice of the week: Feedback by S-B-I-P-A!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Feedback, primarily if aimed at changing behavior, is best received when you deliver it taking into account the five steps of S, B, and I - as well as P and A!

  • SITUATION: What happened? Who was present? Give the person you are providing feedback to get the chance to remember what you are talking about specifically!

  • BEHAVIOR: Don't judge or make assumptions; describe what you have observed. Do it as close to the situation as possible, not weeks later, and try to be most specific.

  • IMPACT: How did you feel? What were the consequences of the situation observed for the team, the organization, or a customer? Giving feedback is not about making human relations-theorists happy, but about how daily work can be done better - step by step.

  • POSITIONING: Involve the person you are giving feedback to, and ask how she or he perceived what happened? Allow the individual time to collect her/his thoughts and ideas!

  • ACTION: Jointly define measures to be taken into account to avoid a similar critical situation in the future! If necessary, schedule a follow-up meeting. Give the person some time to start with her/his suggestions for improvement.

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