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Mindfulness, peak-performance, and neurotechnologies

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Mindfulness is great for focusing on critical tasks. There is excellent evidence that mindfulness practices serve stress reduction and psychological wellbeing. At least good evidence indicates that it is a significant factor to enhance job-performance. Apart from "classical" meditation-based ways to learn and practice mindfulness, recently a couple of tools have become available that use cutting-edge neurotechnologies in order to foster mindfulness:

Interaxion's Muse headband is an audio-based EEG-feedback-tool. This brain-sensing headband measures the electrical currents of your brain and provides you with a sound-feedback on how much relaxation-related brain waves are at play in real-time. This is sound neuroscience well applied to individual needs:

Another option is MDCN Technologies' NeoRhythm-headband that uses magnetic-field-producing coils which separately and in tune target specific areas of the brain (prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, cerebellum, parietal lobe, occipital lobe) or spinal cord to offer relaxation or performance-associted stimulation: While the evidence is not as hard, as using MUSE, it still sounds quite promising.

Platoworks' brain stimulator, as recently featured successfully on kickstarter, goes an important step further. Using tDCS or "transcranial direct current stimulation", the device directly intervenes into your brain chemistry by applying very small electrical currents. Sounding quite weird at first glance, this is one of the most interesting frontiers of neurooptimization techniques for healthy individuals, as there is again ample evidence for tDCS to be producing real and lasting results:

Last but not least, expected to be available in early 2020, you want to try out brain-oriented light-application: "Niraxx is a smart headband and app that deliver unique wavelengths of near-infrared light to activate brain’s natural calming and regenerative processes. You'll be able to select personalized brain training regimens to restore and enhance your brain’s natural functions":

Interested in neurotechnology-based coaching-tools for healthy individuals? Contact me at:!

Note: this post does not constitute any medical advice or treatment.

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