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Sound data in the evolving Corona-crisis

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In order to be well informed during the crisis, you might want to rely on sound data. Stay clear of panic as well as overconfidence during the current Corona virus-outbreak:

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine COVID-tracker:

COVID background-analyses:

Financial Times-visualizations:

An excellent source on public health-options for managing Covid-19:

Impact of social distancing in the US, as measured by mobile phone-clustering:

Real-time tracking of pathogen evolution (COVID-19):

Research visualization:


State-/ local activity dashboard (US):

OECD COVID-19-website:

Bioethics (the University of Pittsburg Center for Bioethics & Health Law):


CNN Coronavirus markets dashboard:

In terms of coordinated responses to similar crises, the results of "serious games" on pandemics provide arguments that coordination and cooperation finally do the job!

Stay reasonable and healthy!

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